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As a teenager growing up in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan I discovered photography and art. My mother really nurtured my art by enrolling me in art classes. My father saw my love in photography. I would take my mothers Kodak Instamatic and take photos of family and landscapes around the neighborhood. My father bought me a Kodak Disc camera and then eventually my first film SLR camera, a Minolta X700 which I still have to this day. I have been taking photos ever since. I never saw photography as a career, which in hindsight I wish I did so that I could of started my career earlier in life, I am also fully self taught. I went to film school in Orlando and moved to Los Angeles upon graduation. The light in L.A. is magical as well as the topography of the city. My work has changed throughout the years and it continues to, as I do more fine art and conceptual photos.


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